School Savings Banks

Image of WNB team


Western Nebraska Bank has partnered with area schools and the Nebraska Council on Economic Education to open student savings branches within their school. These branches allow money management integration into the students’ lives. These branches introduce the concept of saving early, demonstrate that it should be part of their finance plan for their future and increase parental involvement in savings and banking. It also can provide an opportunity for them to discover careers in the area of banking and finance.

Once established in the school, the savings branches are open once a week for student savings deposits only. Incentives are provided as the students reach various savings goals. All students must obtain parental permission to participate (form below). These branches will be staffed by a WNB representative and student tellers who complete a teller application (form below), interview, and training process with WNB. Each year, new students will have the opportunity to be part of the new teller group. The students, with the help of the tellers, will balance their accounts for the duration of their time at the school and upon graduation, student savings members will receive a check for their total savings.